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Getting Started

Free 15 minute Call:
Most inquiries begin with a free call to John at 225-302-8559. In that call, basic contact information is provided. Some of the other things covered in that call include:
  1. Inquiries necessary to make an initial determination about whether there is a potential conflict of interest that would prevent representation,
  2. Providing some basic information about the patent system or the trademark system,
  3. In the case of a contemplated patent application, warnings about avoiding activities that could result in a loss of potential patent rights, and
  4. A discussion of common fee arrangements for work.


Discounted Initial Consultation:


If a business or individual is interested in proceeding with patent or trademark work after an initial call, the next step is typically a more formal initial consultation. For individuals located in Louisiana who can easily travel to Baton Rouge in person consultations are typically held just off of Essen Lane between I-10 and I-12. For individuals located outside of Louisiana or who would have difficulty scheduling a meeting in Baton Rouge the discounted initial consultation may be handled by phone.